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Dr. Deepti Gupta's Blog

6 Important Reasons Why Teens Should Schedule a Gynaecologist Visit

Are there any teens at your home? Are you thinking about taking them to their first gynaecologist visit? According to a latest study, it has been proved that the correct age for the first visit to the gynaecologist should be in between the age of 13 and 15. For most of the mothers, this age would be too young and you would not seem any reason of taking your daughter to Gynecologist in Bhopal, but there are many reasons of doing that.

In this blog, we are going to talk about some important reasons of why teens should schedule a gynaecologist visit.

1. They Would Require General Information: Once your child has hit the teenage, they would start to identify some of the changes in their body. This would be the time when they would enter into womanhood and have periods. Most of the girls start to feel uncomfortable at this time. Also, some parents doesn’t open up enough in front of their child. But teens deserve expert information and this would be possible only by consulting a gynaecologist.

2. Understand Menstrual Issues: Some of the girls start to experience menstrual issues like irregular periods, heavy bleeding, discharge, pain, prolonged bleeding or more. All this issues, if left unaddressed can lead to the fertility issues. Thus, to address more of like these issues, the teen should pay a visit to gynaecologist.

3. Check-up for Overall Health: A teen should pay a visit to gynaecologist whether they feel sick or not. They advise a number of things that are actually good for health. They should know how to appreciate their development stages.

4. Understand Pregnancy Information: It is important that you teach your daughter about pregnancy at an early age. They have the right to know that they can become pregnant right after they enter into sexual intercourse. They should know that they are fertile enough to get pregnant easily but not mature enough to handle the baby at a young stage. Visit to a gynaecologist can only help them in learning about pregnancy.

5. Know About Sexually Transmitted Infections: If an individual is sexually active, then it also involves sexually transmitted infections. The best Gynecologist in Bhopal can also help your teen in understanding about the dangers of sexually transmitted infections. They should learn about this at an early stage.

6. Blood or Pain When Urinating: As a girl enters into teenage, she may experience blood or pain while urinating. Most of the girls hesitate, while others doesn’t take it seriously. But it can turn out in a fatal problem if left unaddressed, so pay a visit to gynaecologist as soon as possible.

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